NATRUE AISBL is a European non-profit organization that provides certification and accreditation services for natural and organic cosmetics. NATRUE has developed a set of standards and criteria that organizations and products must meet in order to be certified as natural or organic. NATRUE certification is recognized by the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) as a reliable and independent means of demonstrating the naturalness and organic status of cosmetics.


To obtain NATRUE certification, an organization or product must apply to a NATRUE-approved certification body. The certification body will assess the organization's or product's compliance with the NATRUE standards, which may include an on-site audit of the organization's production facilities, an evaluation of the ingredients used in the products, and a review of the organization's or product's marketing and labeling practices.

NATRUE certification is intended to help ensure that natural and organic cosmetics are produced in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible, and that meets the expectations of consumers who are interested in buying high-quality, sustainable products. Obtaining NATRUE certification can be beneficial for organizations and products that want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and naturalness, and may help to increase customer trust and satisfaction.

NATRUE AISBL (an international non-profit association) based in Brussels is The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, whose objective is to ensure the availability of quality natural and organic cosmetic products for consumers worldwide. NATRUE has identified two main areas of activity to reach this objective:

  • To ensure the availability of premium raw materials through appropriate ingredient regulation
  • In the absence of a regulatory definition for natural and organic cosmetics to provide strict international criteria (the NATRUE Label)

NATRUE is a membership based organisation open to any with interest in this field according to NATRUE Statutes

Scheme requirements:

The NATRUE Accreditation programme is an accreditation programme for which United States Accreditation Inc. has been approved as an accreditor since 2013 under agreement with NATRUE.

The NATRUE Accreditation programme is open to any certification body which meets the requirements of the programme and which has first applied to the scheme owner. Accredited certifiers sign a contract with NATRUE (Commitment Declaration) and agree with all the specified provisions. Forms for application and the 'Commitment Declaration' can be downloaded for free from the NATRUE web site certifier application page.

As defined in the latest version of the NATRUE Requirements the NATRUE scheme recognises the following sectors of activity:

  • certification of finished products (Natural Cosmetics, Natural Cosmetics with Organic Portion, Organic Cosmetics)
  • raw materials (Natural Ingredients, Derived Natural Ingredients)
  • NATRUE Formula Approval

Accreditation is always granted for all three activities.

The certifier is obliged to apply the NATRUE Label requirements to be met by natural and organic cosmetics' which are also available on the NATRUE website.

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