Forensic Examination Accreditation Program

The Forensic Examination Accreditation Program is a certification program that is used to evaluate and certify the competency and credibility of organizations that provide forensic examination services. Forensic examination refers to the scientific analysis of physical evidence in order to provide information that can be used in a court of law.

Forensic Examination Accreditation Program

To obtain accreditation under the Forensic Examination Accreditation Program, an organization must demonstrate that it has the necessary facilities, equipment, and personnel to perform accurate and reliable forensic examinations. This may include demonstrating that the organization follows established protocols and procedures, that it has a quality management system in place, and that it is able to produce valid and reliable examination results.

Accreditation under the Forensic Examination Accreditation Program can be beneficial for several reasons. It can help to demonstrate the competency and credibility of the organization to regulatory bodies, customers, and other stakeholders, and may be required in order to qualify for certain contracts or business opportunities. Accreditation can also help to improve the quality and reliability of the organization's forensic examination services, and may lead to increased confidence in the examination results produced.

Forensic testing and inspection organizations earn public trust, meet regulatory and statutory requirements, and ensure a robust system of quality assurance and control for their organizations when they are accredited by U.S. Accreditation.

Our accreditation conveys to potential customers and to judicial and regulatory authorities that an organization has confidence in its work product, and that this confidence has been confirmed by a third-party, non-profit organization.

Our accreditation of forensic examination organizations spans two programs: testing/calibration laboratories and inspection units. To obtain both laboratory and inspection body accreditations, complete both application processes and comply with all the requirements in each program.

Program Requirements

Forensic Testing/Calibration Laboratories

  • ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • Forensic Examination Accreditation Program Testing and Calibration

Forensic Inspection Units

  • ISO/IEC 17020 General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection
  • Forensic Examination Accreditation Program Inspection

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