ECOMark™ Accreditation

ECOmark™, a program carried out with ECO Label accreditation, was established in 2005 to identify products that are environmentally friendly and have no ecological harm.

ECOMark™ Accreditation

The application of eco labels started in the European Union countries with the eco label system, then spread to the whole world in a short time.

Now everyone is aware that natural resources are depleted, animal and plant species are gradually decreasing, climate changes, global warming, ozone depletion and many more environmental disasters are at the door. Because all of these reasons more consumers are tending to select ecologic products nowadays.

In order to be included in the ECO Mark Program, the product must have certain criteria. Each product must have its own category and the product has criteria for compliance with these categories.

The product must have official certification and product certification.
In order to have these certificates, the product must be approved by the ECO Mark committee.

The product can be included in the ECO Mark™ Program after the ECO Mark usage agreement signed with the ECO Label Environmental Association.

The Eco-Label application or Ecological Label System, developed by ECO Label, was launched to help consumers choose greener products and services.

Green product or green product means products that are sensitive to environmental conditions, do not consume natural resources, pollute the nature, can be recycled or protected. Environmentally conscious people pay attention to the signs and certification statements on the products. However, some conscious consumers want to go one step further and make sure that nature is well protected in the process from the production of green products to the sale in the markets. It asks whether the facilities where these products are produced cause harm to the environment, whether the waste is managed well or not, even if transport operations are carried out with environmentally friendly vehicles. Because unfortunately some malicious people can make the products look like they are environmentalists.

Green products should not pose a danger to human or animal health, should not harm the environment during production, use or waste stages, should not use energy resources excessively and should not generate unnecessary waste due to poor packaging or short life span.

Implemented by ECO Label™ documents that the products are manufactured and delivered to consumers in accordance with these specifications and may be provided for any product or service in areas other than food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical products. Today, new products and services are constantly included in the scope of this application and the range of products and services is expanding gradually.

Ecological label systemwas founded by ECO Label in 1998, and today more than a thousand products or services have been licensed. In 2010, this regulation was handled with a similar system by the European Union and it was updated and published as the Eco-Label Regulation No.

Ekomark™ Standard has been prepared on the basis of this regulation. Ekomark™ Label to be seen on the means of production and consumption means that these products or services respect the environment.

There is no single authorized body in the environmental label system in the world, Environmental Impact Assessment has been adopted by different organizations or ministries in each country, ECO Label is an ecological certification program run by the United States.

Our organization also receives Ekomark™ certification applications. Our organization which has completed the necessary accreditation studies on this subject Ekomark™ demanding companies in this way.

Our organization, Ekomark™, carries out Eco-Label certification for products and services that meet the Eco-Label criteria prepared for that product or service and released on the ECO Label.

These products and services must be among the product groups other than food and medicine. For example, there may be toilet papers, detergents, clothes, laptops or tourist accommodation services product lines. A wide range of criteria has been determined by ECO Label, including these examples.

Producers or manufacturers, wholesalers or service providers that offer the products or services to the countries of the European Union can apply to our company Ecomark for Eco Label.

After receiving the application, a contract is made with the company.

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