Our Accreditation Programs

Accreditation programs are processes in which organizations or facilities are evaluated against a set of standards to ensure that they are competent to perform a specific type of activity or service. Accreditation programs are typically developed by professional organizations or regulatory agencies and are intended to ensure that the organizations or facilities that are accredited meet certain standards of quality and competence.

Accreditation Programs

There are many different types of accreditation programs, each of which is designed to evaluate organizations or facilities that perform a specific type of activity or service. For example, there are accreditation programs for laboratories that perform testing, schools and universities, healthcare facilities, and many other types of organizations.

In general, organizations or facilities that are accredited must demonstrate that they have the necessary personnel, equipment, and procedures in place to perform the activity or service for which they are seeking accreditation. They may also be required to undergo regular evaluations to ensure that they continue to meet the necessary standards. Accreditation can provide assurance to customers, regulators, and other stakeholders that the organization or facility is competent and reliable in the activity or service it provides.

United States Accreditation Inc. bases its programs on internationally recognized standards in order to ensure worldwide acceptance of your accreditation. United States Accreditation Inc. accreditation process provides objective evidence that an organization operates at a high level of organizational, legal and technical standards.

United States Accreditation Inc. assesses conformity-assessment bodies: laboratories, inspection bodies, certification bodies and verification bodies - organisations which, in turn, assess the products and services of suppliers in every imaginable field of work: health, environment, construction, energy, food, transport, finance and many more. If a conformity-assessment body meets the specified standards it is issued with an accreditation mark.

United States Accreditation Inc. offers accreditation and recognition programs for the following:

  • Management Systems Certification Bodies
  • Product, Process and Service Certification Bodies
  • Inspection Bodies
  • Greenhouse Gas Validation/Verification Bodies
  • Bodies performing the Certification of Persons
  • Standards Development Organizations
  • Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • Medical Testing Laboratories
  • Proficiency Testing Providers
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Facilities
  • EcoLabel
  • EcoMark
  • University/School
  • etc...

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Accreditation by U.S. Accreditation will boost the profile of your business and demonstrate its commitment to being a quality education provider, respected worldwide.