Accreditation bodies are organizations that evaluate and certify that companies, organizations, or individuals meet certain predetermined standards in a specific area or field. Ensuring the quality of the accreditation process is an important responsibility of accreditation bodies, as it helps to ensure the credibility and reliability of the accreditations they issue.


To ensure the quality of the accreditation process, accreditation bodies may implement a variety of measures, including:

  1. Establishing clear and consistent criteria for evaluating organizations or individuals: Accreditation bodies should have clear and objective criteria in place that outline the standards that organizations or individuals must meet in order to be accredited.
  2. Training and qualifying evaluators: Accreditation bodies should ensure that the evaluators they use are properly trained and qualified to assess the organizations or individuals being evaluated.
  3. Implementing a robust quality management system: Accreditation bodies should have a quality management system in place that guides their operations and helps to ensure the consistency and reliability of their evaluations.
  4. Seeking feedback and continuously improving the process: Accreditation bodies should seek feedback from the organizations or individuals they evaluate, and should use this feedback to continuously improve their process and ensure that it remains fair, impartial, and transparent.

Overall, ensuring the quality of the accreditation process is critical to maintaining the credibility and reliability of the accreditations issued by accreditation bodies.

U.S. Accreditation helps industry and facilitates trade by providing accreditation and training and serving as architects for the conformity assessment structure of industry-specific programs.

Who do we want to be, what do we aspire to?

United States Accreditation Inc. strives to conduct the accreditation activity:

  • in a competent, impartial, ethical and reliable manner;
  • relying on knowledge and experience of appropriately motivated
  • personnel and engaging external experts with specialist knowledge;
  • in accordance with the national and international requirements;
  • taking into account the current context of the organization and stakeholders' expectations.

What have we been established for?

We want to actively contribute to increasing the competitiveness of products in the context of globalization and to promote the protection of life, education, health and safety of people, environment, protection of consumer interests and ensure a satisfying its growing.

The mission of United States Accreditation Inc. for Accreditation is to support economic development by removing technical barriers to trade, while safeguarding public interests, such as health and safety, education, environmental protection and public security.

To achieve this goal we will consider the need for awareness of authorities, businesses and consumers on the importance of accreditation and the benefits it gives them.

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